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Water and fire don’t mix? We think otherwise. Our welders and craftspeople make metal constructions that can take a beating. From terrace covers to pipeline bridges and antenna towers. In our steel workshop or on the construction site. 
Here, you’ll definitely find a job cut out for you.

Pylonen De Kerf
Siro Construct
GC Industries

This is where you'll be working

Towering successes

A household name in the world of pylons and towers. The preliminary study, design, production and installation of aerial, lighting and lattice towers are all undertaken by this company. In their own steel workshop in Bazel, a team of talented welders work on assembly and welding jobs. Will you join them?

Craftsmanship as strong as steel

From their workshop in Burcht, Siro Construct realizes high-quality steel constructions. From design to installation: in this team you work on made-to-measure solutions for clients. Tracks for overhead cranes? Pipeline bridges? Canopies and terraces? You’ll make it here.

Masters in complex constructions

A team of specialized welders and fitters processes one-off, small batches and complex constructions in most grades of steel. Think steel, aluminum, stainless steel and hardox. With that, they make and repair things like suspended structures, complex platforms, railroad equipment and chassis!

More than 150 experts you can count on

At HYE, you have access to a high-end machine park and our in-house steel workshop, conveniently located next to the Scheldt in Antwerp. But our projects flow throughout Belgium and across borders. Because these locks don’t build themselves, of course.

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This is where
ties are forged

With a specialized machine park such as ours, you’ll deliver true quality. Most of the work starts in our steel workshops, but it doesn’t end there.

We won’t throw
you in the water.

Even if you have experience in the sector, there are things you can't know. That’s totally fine. Your team members and team leaders support you and make sure you’ll be coming to work full of confidence and enthusiasm in no time.

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H2O Group challenges you

At Steel, that means:

  • hard, physical labor
  • working on massive constructions

But it’s a challenge you happily take on because of:

  • an epic atmosphere
  • access to a large machine park
  •  full-time, fixed schedules
  • a solid team to collaborate with

Quite the character?

The site of our HQ and the place to be for most of our companies.
The Port of Antwerp: that’s where our shipping experts are.
Follow the Scheldt downstream and you’ll arrive at our southernmost site.