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You’ll dig these jobs in Antwerp and surroundings. Will you get to the bottom of soil remediation or rock the clay quarry? Find out more about our jobs here.


This is where you'll be working

Small clay aggregates, big plans

At Argex, producer and distributor of clay aggregates, you work on an end product that is used as insulation material, water buffer or for drainage. We bake the clay from our quarry in big kilns and load it onto ships for our partners around the world.

The top in soil remediation

Bremcon specializes in soil remediation, soil recycling and wastewater treatment. Whether it’s excavation, removing floating and sediment layers, groundwater treatment or on-site remediation. You think along with the customer and always deliver quality.

Making room for others

Our mined quarry does not only provide clay. There’s also room for Sterhoek to use it as a storage site for polluted soil and dredged material.


HYE also excels in soil remediation. These connoisseurs closely follow technical developments in the sector, providing customized soil-groundwater, flotation, zinc coating and in-situ remediation works for public authorities, among others.

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There are no job openings at this time.

A job in Environment? 
That's deep.

With H2O Group, we manage a mined clay quarry in Burcht, near the Scheldt. It serves as a base of operations for our three partners in raw materials. And that infrastructure? It looks like this.

We won't throw you
in the water

Even if you have experience in the sector, there are things you can't know. That’s totally fine. Your team members and team leaders support you and make sure you’ll be coming to work full of confidence and enthusiasm in no time.

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H2O Group challenges you

at environment, that means:

  • hard physical labor
  • early or late hours

But it’s a challenge you happily take on because of:

  • an epic atmosphere
  • a breathtaking location in our clay quarry or next to the water
  • premiums for additional hours
  • a solid team to collaborate with

Quite the operator of technician?

The site of our HQ and the place to be for our environment experts.